Beyond the Rules - Contest on the evolution of the Formula SAE Italy rules

From the beginning to nowadays, FSAE Italy rules evolved over time in line with the automotive sector technological advancements, hosting since the first edition, in 2005, alternative fuel cars: hybrid, electric, fuel cell vehicles.
Then a real Formula Electric Italy was consolidated and, starting from 2018, the Formula Driverless Italy was introduced, both still an integral part of the event and often the scene of interesting design ideas.

The evolution of the automotive and of motorsport has never stopped and now it is accelerating. The challenge to reduce the environmental impact of mobility, especially in terms of pollutant and climate-changing emissions and in terms of vehicles energy efficiency, in fact, pushes towards further technological frontiers, which concern propulsion systems and aerodynamics, as well as the use of new materials and new production processes.

In order to try something new and challenge oneself and to make FSAE Italy more and more stimulating and up to date, students are invited to draw a 2025 FSAE Italy Rules draft, proposing current and feasible technological solutions and taking into account all possible propulsions and categories of participation.

A Jury made up of FSAE Italy experts will judge the projects and will reward the winner.

Registered teams for the event:

TUfast e-Technology - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
MoRe Modena Racing – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team - RWTH Aachen (Germany)
Race UP Combustion – Università di Padova (Italy)
Fast Charge – Università di Roma "La Sapienza" (Italy)

Document submission and deadline:

A paper of maximum 3 pages (3,000 characters spaces included each) in English, to which is allowed to attach (optional) renderings and drawings, shall be sent within November 6th, 2020 by email to:

Allowed formats are: pdf, doc, docx, odt, ods. It is allowed to send a zip-archive containing files in mentioned formats or an internet link to transfer the files.
Your CV is requested for participating to the event.


Formula SAE Italy technical committee

Download the Judgement Criteria



ANFIA Award:

1° classified team: ANFIA will guarantee a free slot for the participation in 2021 Formula SAE Italy (scheduled for the next mid-July).