Design for Future: Dream your 2025 FSAE Italy Car - Car Design Contest

The technological transition of the automotive industry in name of electrification and digitalization, up to the development of the connected and self-driving vehicle and of new models of human-machine interaction, requires a reflection also on the transformation of the most creative aspects, related to car design, style and ergonomics of vehicles, as well as the future of professionalisms and skills that are changing and seeing the entry of new figures, such as digital designers.

This reflection implies the need to put in play new ideas, also through the contamination among different disciplines and the aggregation of several complementary skills, leaving the right space for creativity in the design phase - where engineering innovation and originality can be particularly rewarding in the orientation towards the future - as well as in product development phase.

A jury made of car design, style and engineering experts, coming from the companies affiliated to ANFIA Car Coachbuilders and Designers Group, the FSAE Italy Judges of the Design Commission and from some other partner companies will evaluate the proposals and award a prize to the first 3 classified teams.

Registered teams for the event:

TUfast e-Technology - Technical University of Munich (Germany)
MoRe Modena Racing – Università di Modena e Reggio Emilia (Italy)
Joanneum Racing Graz - U.A.S. Graz (Austria)
municHMotorsport e.V. – University of Applied Sciences Munich (Germany)
Race UP Electric – Università di Padova (Italy)
Fast Charge – Università di Roma "La Sapienza" (Italy)
Ecurie Aix Formula Student Team - RWTH Aachen (Germany)

Document submission and deadline

A drawing of a 3D model of a FSAE Italy concept car – thought as a show prototype, showcar, in which also technological solutions not yet on nowadays market, but feasible are allowed – is requested, together with a press note of maximum 3 pages (3,000 characters spaces included each) in English, explaining the project in detail.
It is not mandatory to comply strictly with the current FSAE Italy rules. It is sufficient that the concept cars are small open-wheel single-seater vehicles.
Documents shall be sent within November 6th, 2020 by email to: Allowed formats are: pdf, doc, docx, odt, ods. It is allowed to send a zip-archive containing files in mentioned formats or an internet link to transfer the files. Your CV is requested for participating to the event.


Formula SAE Italy Design Committee and representatives of ANFIA Car Coachbuilders and Designers Group on the basis of the criteria below will provide their judgments.

Judgement Criteria
List of Judges



ANFIA Awards

1° classified team: ANFIA will guarantee a free slot for the participation in 2021 Formula SAE Italy (scheduled for the next mid-July)

2° classified team: ANFIA will a guarantee a slot (50% discounted) for the participation in 2021 Formula SAE Italy (scheduled for the next mid-July)

3° classified team:  ANFIA will guarantee a granted participation in the Early registration (fast lane) of Formula SAE Italy 2021 (scheduled for the next mid-July)

The 3 winners’ drawings will be published on Formula SAE Italy website


The list of the awards offered by the Partners of the event is now available here


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Three Winners’ renderings