The 18th edition of the Formula SAE Italy 2023 will take place onsite and in person from July 12 to 16, at Riccardo Paletti Racetrack in Varano de’ Melegari.

How to register

The main registration will open on February 6, 2023 at 10:00 AM CET (GMT +1) and will close on March 6, 2023 at 1:00 PM CET (GMT + 1).
The electronic form will be available in the Formula ATA website only at the opening date at the end of the countdown.
The slots available for the event are: 75 teams in Class 1 and 5 teams in Class 3, for an overall of 80 teams, as follows: 

  • Class 1C & Hybrid - IC Engine                            30
  • Class 1D – Driverless                                             10
  • Class 1E - Electric Propulsion System              35
  • Class 3 both IC, Electric and Driverless             5

Registrations will be accepted in the order they will be received and the list of registered teams will be published on line. Please check the website to know IF AND WHEN your team will be shifted to the “awaiting for payment” status.

Second year vehicles are not allowed.


The first 3 Class 1C, 1D, 1E and the first 2 Class 3 classified Teams at the Formula SAE Italy 2022 will have a granted registration slot in the 2023 event:

Class 1C

  • Rennstall Esslingen - UAS Esslingen
  • FaSTDa Racing Combustion - University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
  • Unical Reparto Corse - Università della Calabria

Class 1D

  • Formula Student Team Tallinn Driverless - Tallinn University of Technology
  • UniNa Corse - Università Federico II di Napoli
  • Squadra Corse Polito DRIVERLESS - Politecnico di Torino

Class 1E

  • Formula Student Team Tallinn - Tallinn University of Technology
  • BRS Motorsport - Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg
  • ARUSe - University of Seville

Class 3

  • Firenze Race Team - Università di Firenze
  • Formula Student FEUP - University of Porto

Further two early registration slots will be granted for North and South America, Australia and rest of the world (non-European-EFTA) teams.
The early registration will open on February 2, 2023 at 10:00 AM CET (GMT + 1) and will close on February 3, 2023 at 1:00 PM CET (GMT + 1).
After early registration closure, no slot will be granted for these teams.
Slots that are not allocated for early registration will become available for all teams during main registration period.
Registration must be completed on-line via the electronic form that will be available on the event website in each registration period. The registration will be confirmed only when the due amount will be credited on the ANFIA Service bank account.

Formula SAE Italy 2023 will grant 3 registration slots to 2024 event to the first 3 Class 1C, 1D and 1E winner teams of this year event and 2 slots to the first 2 Class 3 winner teams.

REGISTRATION FEES (20 members included)

  • Class 1C & Hybrid, 1D & 1E:      €1,638.52 + 22% VAT = €1,999.00
  • Class 3:                                        €1,189.65+ 22% VAT = €1,451.37

Registration fees are not refundable and are not transferred to a subsequent year's competition, unless for COVID-19 reasons. In case the statics events will be rescheduled in digital format, part of the paid fee will be refunded.


Teams will have 48 hours, starting from registration time, to send us ( for combustion & hybrid teams; for electric, driverless and class 3 teams) the proof of the bank transfer, certifying the payment date and time.
Registrations to the Formula SAE Italy 2023 will be confirmed only when the due amount is credited on the ANFIA Service Srl bank account.

When making the payments, please consider these administrative regulations:

  • 22% Italian VAT is ONLY required from European and non-European natural persons, who make the payment, i.e.: registration fee = €1,638.52 + 22% VAT = €1,999.00 total amount to be paid.
  • 22% Italian VAT is NOT required from EU companies owing a VAT code and from non-European companies, who make the payment, i.e.: registration fee = €1,638.52 + 22% VAT total amount to be paid.
  • 22% Italian VAT is ALWAYS required from all Italian participants (natural persons/companies), except for the Public Administrations, i.e.: registration fee = €1,638.52 + 22% VAT = €1,999.00 total amount to be paid.

Payments method:

Bank transfer to ANFIA Service Srl
Bank name: BPER Banca – Turin Branch - Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 48/F - Torino – Italy
IBAN n.: IT07T0538701002000038545602 – Swift code: BPMOIT22

Please indicate on the bank transfer the following payment descriptions:

  • Team name
  • University name/company name

Payment must be received in full. ALL bank transfer charges must be covered by the payer.


It is mandatory to fill in all the fields for the invoice. Be sure to put the right heading:

  • University name/company name,
  • Department (if needed),
  • Address, post code, town, country,
  • VAT number,
  • “Codice Fiscale” field is ONLY FOR ITALY,
  • “Codice identificativo” field is ONLY FOR ITALY,
  • Administration email address.

Particularly, in the field of “VAT number” please check to have a correct VAT NUMBER. Please do not insert any other data: i.e. tax identification number.
If you do not have got one, please write “Not in possession” in the field.

For Italian teams only

Following the electronic invoicing rule extended to all Italian bodies owing a VAT code, please note that we need to receive the “codice identificativo” of your company, which is an alphanumerical 7 digits code.
Public Administration invoicing will remain unchanged.
For natural persons or associations with only a “codice fiscale” we need to receive an email address to send the invoice.


When choosing your car number, please consider the numbering listed here below:

Combustion & Hybrid cars

  • From 1 to 59
  • From 70 to 99

Driverless Cars

  • From 700 to 759
  • From 770 to 799

Electric cars

  • From 100 to 159
  • From 170 to 199

Class 3 teams

  • From 300 to 399

When choosing your car number, please take note that it could be already taken. The acceptance order will follow the registered team list published in the Formula ATA website.
In that case, you will receive an e-mail message asking for a new choice.